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Balloon Types

Welcome at the Balloon Print Shop. In this page, you have all the information about the two balloon materials we offer to our customers, the pros and the cons to help you choose the right product for your needs.

    Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are made of natural latex rubber. They are offered in many sizes and colors. You can inflate them with air or with helium if you prefer the balloon float. 

Low unit cost
100% biodegradable
Stays inflated up to 10 days with air inflation
Will float up to 12 hours with helium inflation
Will float up to 3 days with helium inflation using hi-float
3 finishes available and wide color variety
Ideal for various decoration
Attract attention
Available sizes : 9'', 12'', 17'' and 36''

    *Please note, all balloons are sensitive to temperature variations.

    Foil Balloons

    Foil balloons are made of thin polyethylene films and are offered in three shapes, which are round, heart and star.

    Very resistant
    3 shapes available
    Higher floating time
    Stays inflated up to 30 days with air inflation
    Will float up to 15 hours with helium inflation
    Gloss finish
    Available sizes, 18'' (round,Heart) and 20'' (Star)

      *Please note, all balloons are sensitive to temperature variations.

      *Foil balloons are measured flat. 18" round and heart balloons inflates to approximately 14" diameter while 20" star inflates to approximately 16"across.

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