About us

BalloonPrintShop is a young and dynamic company composed of a small, passionate group who all work in the wonderful field of customized balloons and accurate custom printing balloons. We supply custom printed balloons at wholesale price all over East Coast : New-York, Miami, Milwauke, Memphis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Boston, Raleigh, Colombus, Tampa, Philadelphia, Louisville, Baltimore, Atlanta, Charlotte, jacksonville, Nashville and many more.

Our expertise was grouped as strong and diverse in this area including the development and manufacture of highly flexible ink, the production, and printing of customized latex balloons, personalized foil balloons and valuable assets in graphic creations and modifications. We have joined forces to create «BalloonPrintShop.com»

We concentrate our activities mainly on two products, the custom latex balloons, and the custom foil balloons. We put all our efforts in EVERY stage of this complex process that requires precision and pinpoint accuracy so that every logo balloons are vibrant and your events memorable.

Our «Laser Sharp» balloon printing process, is the cutting edge of technology. Our inks are rich in color with molecules that can stretch more than ten times their initial deposit. These innovative processes allow us to print the balloons inflated, which eliminates the large spots and cracks that are observed on the flat printed balloons that are on the market.

At BalloonPrintShop, we are committed to providing you quick service and superior quality customized printed balloons, logo balloons, and custom printed balloons that have a great price and above all, lives up to your expectations!